Innovations in gas detection

Being a technology company producing cutting-edge optical infrared gas sensors, MIPEX is all about innovation. Our success in gas detection rests on some fundamental advantages attained over the years of our work:

-          Immense technical background and experience of the company’s engineers

-          Own production of electronic and optical components for gas sensors, LED’s and photo receivers, which enabled our specialists to quickly combine them, tweak their parameters for particular modes of sensor's operation and project-specific requirements.

-          Established business processes for predictable and stable gas sensor production

-          Concentration of the company’s engineering efforts primarily on R&D gas detection tasks;

-          Unique, multy-patented technologies in our portfolio

-          Professional technical support on every phase of project implementation

It is our deep belief that innovation is born through collaboration, which is exactly why our engineering teams are always ready to work very closely with our current and prospective customers to identify their needs with top precision and propose a viable and efficient roadmap to follow. It is only at this level of cooperation that the most complex and seemingly insurmountable technical challenges can be overcome.

Today, we offer state-of-the-art infrared / IR gas sensors that meet the most stringent industry standards for performance and safety. Over the course of the MIPEX’s history, a number of patents have been registered in particular: application No. 015155, priority date 08.04.2008, RF patents No. 2208268, 2287803, 2187093. 

On the technical level, MIPEX gas sensors deliver outstanding value to every customer by offering the following:

-          Unparalleled energy efficiency – MIPEX gas sensors are up to 1000+ energy-efficient than typical optical (NDIR) and catalitic bead gas sensors 

-          Cutting-edge digital components – for accurate and reliable gas detection in harsh environment

-          Fitness for a broad variety of use cases – from building new portable multi-gas detectors or migrating from alternative gas detection technologies (catalytic bead, lamp-based IR optical) to creating unique long-lasting, battery-powered, maintenance-free combustible gas detectors.

-          High measurement accuracy in toxic environments – the technology behind the MIPEX infrared gas sensors is deprived of the inherent flaws and vulnerabilities of legacy optical and catalytic bead gas sensors.

Our ambition for the future is to become one of the technological leaders on the market of gas detection by leveraging our breakthrough technologies and the skills of our uniquely competent team. 

Regardless of the type of MIPEX sensors you choose for your project, you will enjoy the same impeccable quality and well though-through sensor design found in all of our products, guaranteed.


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