MIPEX Infrared (IR) Gas Sensors Family

A fully digital and fail-proof NDIR gas sensor with ultra-low power consumption measured in milliwatts – 1-2 orders of magnitude lower than in competing products. This infrared gas sensor is ideal for portable and fixed gas detectors used in harsh environmental conditions: mines, oil platforms, refineries.
  • Fully digital
  • Durable stainless steel housing
  • Fast response time (T90 < 10s.)
  • Linearized, temperature compensated digital output (-40...+60˚C)
  • Industry standard size - ø20.2mm ×16.6mm
  • Ex intrinsic safety "ia"
  • Free of metal ceramic filter (flame arrester)
Family MIPEX-02
The world's lowest power infrared combustible gas sensor offers an unprecedented low level of power consumption not found in any other methane sensor on the market. Average operating current is less than 35 microAmps! Target application: clip combustible gas detectors.
  • Lowest available power consumption among combustible gas sensors
  • Smart sensor with embedded microcontroller
  • Linearized, temperature compensated digital output (-20...+50˚C)
  • Measurement range up to 100% vol. for methane (CH4)
  • Ex ia intrinsic level safety

Family MIPEX-04
A specially designed miniature NDIR gas sensor with extremely lower power consumption (under 3 mW) for migrating from catalytic bead and conventional optical sensors to ensure higher measurement accuracy and dramatically longer duration of autonomous operation.
  • Pellistor compatibility
  • Analog and combined digital+analog interface
  • Budget plastic housing
  • Linearized and temperature compensated output (-20...+50˚C)
  • Ex ia intrinsic level safety
  • Industry standard size - ø20.2mm ×16.6mm

Family MIPEX-03
MIPEX Accessories
Additional equipment for MIPEX sensors
Enhanced capability for evaluation and testing through PC

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